New Patch for Surfshark VPN | Notes

  • 3 May 2022

Surfshark VPN is a VPN provider that offers extensive security and privacy features. Surfshark VPN offers users a variety of different plans with different features; however, all plans provide access to the same high-speed, encrypted VPN network. Surfshark VPN is available on all popular devices in multiple languages.

Surfshark VPN, a company that offers the world’s fastest VPN and Smart DNS services, is pleased to announce the release of Surfshark for desktop. With this release, Surfshark mobile and desktop customers will enjoy new features and enhancements.

Some changes include:

  • Improved live chat and online support.
  • Improved user interface.
  • New anti-malware protection.
  • Improved protection against DNS leaks.
  • Added more data centers.
  • Added new languages.
  • Added support for connections to mobile networks.
  • Added more advanced settings.

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